Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat - Project Support

  • Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha
  • 30/06/2019

EU islands can apply for assistance from the Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat to advance the development of individual renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in their local community. What types of project support does the Secretariat offer? For islands that are only starting to explore a particular project idea, the Secretariat can help the project team identify a suitable project by carrying out a pre-feasibility study for renewable energy projects and energy efficiency projects. This can include a cost-benefit analysis of different energy scenarios, resource assessment of a specific technology or micro-siting and design of an installation. For projects with a more advanced status, the Secretariat can support islands with doing the technical and financial due diligence. At the technical level, this can include a feasibility study (yield assessment) and assistance in selecting a contractor to move the project forward. At the financial level, this can include support in carrying out a profit and loss analysis, as well as advice on developing an adequate financing concept for the project, from cooperative ownership and crowdfunding to institutional and public investors.   Types of project support provided by the Secretariat Suggestions by islands on other types of support can be taken into consideration as long as the suggested support lies within the expertise of the Secretariat. Note that the Secretariat does not finance the implementation of renewable energies, but instead provides technical assistance and capacity-building to support island communities to develop and successfully implement them. The selected islands commit to cooperate actively with the Secretariat to give the necessary information for the studies. The information shared with the Secretariat will not be publicly disclosed. Who can apply for project support from the Secretariat? Any EU island represented by a group of local stakeholders can apply for support. This group can consist of local authorities or other public authorities, actors from the private sector, universities other educational establishments, citizens associations, etc. A minimum of two stakeholder groups needs to be represented in the project team for the application to be eligible. The group is expected to choose a single point of contact for collaboration with the Secretariat. Each island can receive one specific project support. The Secretariat can only support islands who are a member of the European Union, or who are a member of a special territory of the EU (e.g. Overseas Countries and Territories). The support is open to all EU islands, including those whose Member States have not signed the Political Declaration on Clean Energy for EU Islands. How should you apply? Please send the completed application form in PDF format to Please provide the relevant information briefly and indicate where information is not available. Being able to provide the required inputs for the study is not a prerequisite for selection, but will be necessary to provide the project support. Islands that are unable to provide the input requirements at the time of application will receive guidance from the Secretariat after selection. Should you have any questions on the application procedure, please contact us at the same e-mail address. Your questions will be answered publicly on our website in a FAQ section specific to this call.   ​Application form When is the deadline? All expressions of interest must be submitted before midnight on 30 June 2019.