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Commission announce new strategies and acts for digital space and cybersecurity

  • Hilary Webb
  • 16/12/2020

The European Commission has proposed reform of digital space in the European Union with the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act. 

The Digital Services Act will create EU-wide obligations that apply to all digital services that connect consumers to goods, services or content. This will include new procedures for removing illegal content. 

The Digital Markets Act will address the negative consequences caused by certain platforms acting as digital gatekeepers to the single market. It will build on the Platform to Business Regulation and the findings of the EU Observatory on the Online Platform Economy to harmonise rules prohibiting these unfair practices. 

Following these two proposals, the Commission has also announced the new EU Cybersecurity Strategy, which aims to bolster Europe's collective resilience against cyber threats. It concentrates on three areas of EU action:

  • Resilience, technological sovereignty and leadership
  • Building operational capacity to prevent, deter and respond
  • Advancing a global and open cyberspace through increased cooperation. 

Read more about the two acts here and the cybersecurity strategy here

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels