European Partnerships

The Commission has published the list of candidates for European Partnerships under Horizon Europe

  • Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha
  • 02/06/2020
  • Working Group

With the aim to deliver on global challenges and to modernise industry through cooperation frameworks, the European Commission has published the list of candidates for European Partnerships under Horizon Europe.

There are three types of European Partnerships under the Horizon Europe proposal: co-programmed European Partnerships, co-funded European Partnerships and institutionalised European Partnerships – where the EU participates in research and innovation funding programmes undertaken by EU countries.

The portfolio for European Partnerships includes 49 candidates that will now proceed to the next steps. The full list can be found in Annex 7 of this document. They include Innovative Health Initiative, Key Digital Technologies, AI, data and robotics, Clean Hydrogen, Water4All and Innovative SMEs. All 49 candidates are from 5 areas:

  • Health
  • Digital, industry and space
  • Climate, energy and mobility
  • Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment
  • Partnerships across themes.

ERRIN has been following closely the development of the European Partnerships and advocates for a greater involvement of local and regional stakeholders in the European Partnerships and their governance structures. Regional and local authorities should be invited to take part and have a clear role in defining the partnership priorities, in designing the calls for proposals, and in influencing other activities carried out in the framework of the partnerships. Coordination between research and innovation agendas on a local, regional, national, and European level, as well as between the public and private sector, is needed to further increase the impact of investments and efficient use of Horizon Europe funds. Creating concrete synergies, collaboration, and coordination, between European Partnerships and S3 Partnerships based on regional innovation strategies should therefore be encouraged. More information and ERRIN's views on the European Partnerships are available here.

ERRIN has been invited to participate and actively shape the Driving urban transitions to a sustainable future (DUT) Partnership, which is currently under development led by JPI Urban EuropeERRIN input on the DUT partnership public consultation can be found here.