Commission launch call for evidence on 'A comprehensive approach to mental health'

Commission launches call for evidence on 'A comprehensive approach to mental health'

  • Lucy Hammond
  • 20/01/2023

DG SANTE has launched a 'have your say' call for evidence on the Commission Communication 'A comprehensive approach to mental health', that is expected in Q2 this year. 

The comprehensive approach aims to support EU Member States, stakeholders and citizens by providing EU added value on a prevention-oriented approach that is based on incorporating mental health in all policies.

Anyone who is interested or might be affected by an existing or proposed law or policy can share their views, send comments or position papers or reply to public consultations. This includes: public national, local and regional authorities, businesses, civil society organisations, and individual citizens.

Key areas for attention include:

  1. Promotion of good mental health and prevention of mental health problems
  2. Early detection and screening of mental health problems
  3. Actions to further tackle psychosocial risks at work
  4. Support and improving access to treatment and care of mental health problems
  5. Improved quality of life
  6. Cross-cutting issues, including research, development and innovation, the role of digital tools, training and support, inter-disciplinary training for the health workforce, or the specific needs of vulnerable groups and socioeconomic disadvantaged groups.

The call for evidence closes on 15 February 2023.

Access the call, and find more information, here.