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The Commission launches evaluation survey on the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive

  • Anna Tranberg
  • 11/02/2020
  • Working Group

The European Commission is conducting an evaluation of the Directive on the Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure 2014/94/EU (henceforth the Directive or AFID).

The Directive requires Member States to set up long-term National Policy Frameworks (NPFs) for the development of the market as concerns alternative fuels and the planning of the deployment of relevant alternative fuels infrastructure. It also stipulates requirements for the rollout of alternative fuels infrastructure along the core network of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) and its urban nodes - with different milestones for 2020, 2025 and 2030 for different alternative fuels. The Directive sets common technical specifications for recharging and refueling stations that aim at ensuring interoperability and adequate consumer information. It covers electricity (including shore-side electricity for ships), hydrogen, and natural gas (CNG for light-duty road and LNG for heavy-duty road, maritime and inland waterway transport).

The Commission has contracted a team led by consultants Ricardo (including Transport and Environmental Policy Research (TEPR) and E3-Modelling (E3M)) to undertake a support study for the European Commission for the evaluation of the Directive.

The objective of the study is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the Directive and to collect and analyse evidence to help assess whether it has achieved its objectives in an effective and efficient manner. In addition, the study aims to determine whether its objectives and priorities remain relevant with emerging needs and consistent with other EU policies and priorities. It aims to provide an overall assessment of how successful the Directive has been in achieving its objectives and it will examine the progress made across the relevant policy areas.

Regional and local authorities are invited to provide their input by 26 March 2020.

Access the survey here

The roadmap of the evaluation process can be found here.

For any questions, you can contact the team at Ricardo at