Commission publishes EU Cancer Plan

Commission publishes EU Cancer Plan

  • Hilary Webb
  • 03/02/2021

Europe's Beating Cancer Plan, which aims to turn the tide against cancer and move towards a strong European Health Union and a more resilient EU, is now published. The plan focusses on prevention, detection, equal access to diagnosis and treatment and improving quality of life for patients and survivors. 

The plan will receive €4 billion of funding, including €1.25 billion from the future EU4Health programme. 

Goals identified in the plan include:

  • A tobacco-free generation
  • Reducing harmful alcohol consumption
  • Reduce environmental pollution
  • Improve knowledge and health literacy
  • Improving early detection cancer screenings across Member States
  • An EU platform to improve access to cancer medicines 
  • Improved access to social protection and financial services for patients and survivors.

On 26 February ERRIN's Health WG will present two meetings on cancer. The first meeting at 10:00 will explore cancer and the role of personalised medicine in fighting it, afterwards, at 11:30, there will be a joint meeting with EUREGHA on the Beating Cancer Plan. This follows ERRIN and EUREGHA's joint paper on the Horizon Europe Mission on Cancer, which you can read here.

Learn more here and download the plan in full here