CEF2 Digital poster

Commission sets out draft guidelines for CEF2 Digital programme

The European Commission has published a non-paper detailing potential orientations and implementation guidelines for the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF2) Digital programme. 

The aim of CEF2 Digital is to catalyse investment in digital connectivity infrastructures during the 2021-2027 period, so that Europe can benefit from individuals, institutions and businesses' increased access to Gigabit networks. 

The deployment of high-capcity networks, including uninterrupted 5G, high-quality wireless Internet in local communities and the cross-border projects supporting digital platforms in the transport and energy sectors are just some of the actions expected from the CEF2 Digital programme. 

The Commission has published a non-paper and invites stakeholders to send comments and suggestions to EC-CEF2DIGITAL@ec.europa.eu.

The non-paper is attached, please click here for more information.