Horizon Europe Missions

Development of Horizon Europe Missions & ERRIN's related work

The Horizon Europe Missions are coming into clearer focus as the bold, measurable goals related to global challenges are being further defined. Each EU mission will commit to tackling a major societal challenge and will be conducted within a specific timeframe and budget.

The five EU missions proposed by the Mission Boards are:

  • Conquering cancer: mission possible
  • Accelerating the transition to a climate prepared and resilient Europe
  • Regenerating our oceans and waters
  • 100 climate-neutral cities by 2030 - by and for the citizens
  • Caring for soil is caring for life.

Each mission has its own Mission Board, made up of 15 high-level independent experts. You can see the chairs and other members of the boards here

Last week four of ERRIN's Working Groups met to explore opportunities for regions in three of the missions. The Health WG learnt more about the cancer mission from board member Tomi Makela, the Blue Growth WG received presentations from the oceans and waters mission board member Lea Kauppi and the Smart Cities and Energy & Climate Change WGs jointly met to discuss to the mission on adaptation to climate change with Connie Hedegaard, mission board Chair. The presentations are available for members on the event pages linked above. 

ERRIN continues to further its understanding of the missions and how the regional perspective can be included in their development, as well as what opportunities they may provide to regions and citizens. ERRIN has published a position paper on the climate-neutral cities mission and is looking in greater detail at the other missions, such as the mission on adaptation to climate change. We invite you to provide your input on this mission through a questionnaire available here until 14 July.

Over the summer a number of citizen engagement events will take place to further develop the missions' priorities before the boards hand over their final recommendations to the European Commission at the European Research and Innovation Days 2020 (22-24 September). The selected missions will launch in 2021 as part of Horizon Europe. Learn more here