ERRIN annual member survey: Shape ERRIN's agenda for 2023!

ERRIN annual member survey: Shape ERRIN's agenda for 2023!

In view of the annual strategy workshops that we will organise with all the Working Group leaders in mid-November, all members are invited to provide input on our priorities, topics, and activities that should be addressed in 2023. Your inputs are essential as they will provide a basis for the discussions during the workshops, and for the overall planning process for 2023, which will define ERRIN’s work next year.

We advise each member to submit one input form per member organisation. Please consult your regional stakeholders and submit one form on behalf of the entire regional ecosystem, offering your ideas and feedback on priorities, topics, and activities for ERRIN in 2023. Your replies will help the Working Group leaders and the Secretariat to prepare the network’s activities and services in a way that brings the most value to ERRIN members.

Please provide your input through the form here by 18:00 CET on 9 November 2022.

The information collected will be shared with the WG leaders and discussed during the strategy workshops. There will of course be additional opportunities to provide input throughout the year, and you are always welcome to contact WG leaders and WG facilitators from the secretariat, but this is a key moment to influence the network’s strategic priorities for the year to come.