TRAMI Mutual Learning Event

EU Missions creating new markets: the crucial role of the triple helix collaboration

ERRIN is collaborating with the TRAMI project to organise a Mutual Learning Event on the Wednesday 17 May from 9:00-12:30, exploring the role of industry, academia and public authorities in achieving the objectives of the five EU Missions through triple helix collaboration.

Collaboration between private sector, academia and public authorities to drive innovation is essential when tackling complex challenges, such as defined by the EU Missions. The EU Missions are large-scale, ambitious initiatives aimed at tackling some of the most pressing challenges facing our society, such as climate change and cancer. Achieving those objectives requires a broad-based effort that engages stakeholders from across society, and therefore triple helix approach is particularly relevant in this context. The event will explore the benefits of triple helix collaboration for all stakeholders involved in the five EU Missions.

This event comes at a crucial time as the EU Missions are in an evaluation phase. In its response to the European Commission’s consultation on Horizon Europe, ERRIN highlighted the potential of the EU Missions to bring different stakeholders to the table. Strengthening this multi-stakeholder collaboration following an ecosystem approach should be the overarching basis for building effective EU R&I policy and programmes, and it remains at the heart of ERRIN’s work. In the context of the EU Missions, public authorities have a crucial role in supporting collaboration between different actors by creating an enabling environment and providing the necessary framework for cooperation.

ERRIN members are invited to express their interest in attending the event by emailing by 5 May. The registration confirmation will be sent out as soon as possible.