EU research actions to tackle COVID-19

  • Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha
  • 24/03/2020

The EU has taken several steps to support research and innovation in order to tackle the current COVID-19 outbreak and prepare for future pandemics. There is a number of past and ongoing research actions related to coronaviruses and outbreaks and in addition the Commission launched several new actions in 2020. Some of the initiatives and actions are as follows:

Innovative Medicines Initiative launched a call (deadline: 31 March) to support projects that develop treatments and diagnostics. This initiative supports already a number of projects specialising in preparedness and diagnostics.

- 17 research projects have been shortlisted to work on new treatments, new vaccines, rapid tests and improvement of epidemiology and public health. The list of projects can be found here

- RECOVER Europe project focused on combating COVID-19 with clinical research

PREPARE project which aims to support the readiness of hospitals in Europe and enhances their understanding of the dynamics of the outbreak

The EU is also fast-tracking research on COVID-19 by mobilising €90 million in public and private funds for therapeutics and diagnostics.

A list of other research projects and initiatives to tackle the current situation is available on the Commission’s website.