The European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles proposal unveiled

The European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles proposal unveiled

  • Ewa Chomicz
  • 26/01/2022

The European Commission put forward today the European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles for a human-centred digital transformation. The declaration is closely linked to and complements the proposal for the “Path to the Digital Decade” which was adopted in September 2021 and sets out the broader digital targets and the path to achieve them.

The draft declaration is to serve as a reference point for citizens about the kind of digital transformation fostered in the EU. It is also supposed to guide businesses and other relevant stakeholders in the process of development and deployment of new technologies. At the same time, public administrations and policymakers, including in the regions, should be able to refer to the document when shaping their visions of the digital transformation.

The draft declaration covers key rights and principles for the digital transformation, such as placing people and their rights at its centre, supporting solidarity and inclusion, ensuring the freedom of choice online, fostering participation in the digital public space, increasing safety, security and empowerment of individuals, and promoting the sustainability of the digital future.

The document builds on former initiatives from Member States and from the European Parliament, and benefits from contributions received during the public consultation from Member States, regional and local authorities, non-governmental and civil society organisations, business associations and companies, other interested parties and citizens. 

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Find the declaration and accompanying documents here.