Hackathon winner How to Change the World to support 10,000 young Europeans

One of the winning teams from the #EUvsVirus, How to Change the World, plans to support more than 10,000 young Europeans over the next six months with collaborative two-week virtual programmes. The programmes will focus on stimulating pan-European economic and social recovery.

To reach this goal, it seeks University Partners, particularly those that hold Erasmus+ grants, and in-kind partnerships with public authorities, companies and non-profits that can help with recovery efforts. 

How to Change the World is an educational non-profit born out of University College London (UCL). It provides team-based experiential Learning Journeys for students, graduates and young professionals. To fulfil its EUvsVirus goal, it must have around 200 participants by late June and expand to around 500 from July-November. 

They seek partnerships to support them with several factors:

  • Grants
  • University partners
  • Training-and-Giving contracts
  • In-kind partnerships.

How to Change the World is responding to the coronavirus crisis by rapidly developing and delivering a fully virtual version of its programmes, driven by the belief that young minds deserve opportunities that can, in turn, contribute to the European recovery from the pandemic. 

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