Interregional collaboration between ERRIN members

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Date: 20/10/2017

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This year, nine EU regions, of who six are ERRIN members, joined forces with the aim to improve active and healthy ageing through the ITHACA project (Interreg Europe programme). The project looks at each region’s policy efforts and scale-up practices of innovative solutions in order to find points of improvement. At a later stage, each region will elaborate and implement an action plan to follow up on the identified improvement points.

Involved ERRIN members include:

  • Region Zealand (Denmark)
  • Province Noord-Brabant (Netherlands),
  • University of Ljubljana (Slovenia),
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region (Italy),
  • Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research (Spain), and,
  • The Malopolska Region (Poland)

Expanding the network

Based on great initial results and case examples from regions, the network would like to share the results with other European regions and stakeholders, in the hope that they can also benefit from the discovered method and evaluations.

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