Methodological manual

JRC publishes methodolgical manual for developing thematic interregional S3 partnerships

The JRC has published a methodological manual for 'Developing Thematic Interregional Partnerships for Smart Specialisation.' The paper follows five years of work attempting to identify the best ways to initiate and manage interregional thematic S3 partnerships. 

The methodology proposes an iterative and non-linear workflow process, which allows for dynamic, living documents and activities that require continuous monitoring and review. The workflow approach is an adaptation of the 4-step method developed by the Vanguard Initiative, where 'Scale-up' is an additional step. 

The methodology identified a solid monitoring and evaluation mechanism (MEM) as an important tool in the development of every thematic partnership. 

The paper hopes to greatly simplify the preparation and management of interregional S3 projects by breaking the task into a series of defined steps and processes. You can read the paper here