EIT Mobility Innovation Marketplace

Mobility Innovation Marketplace by EIT Urban Mobility

The Mobility Innovation Marketplace is the one-stop shop for new urban mobility solutions developed, tested, and validated within the EIT Urban Mobility ecosystem, and beyond. It also supports knowledge exchange to accelerate the urban mobility transformation and gives visibility to concrete opportunities to pilot and implement mobility innovation. Cities, startups, public institutions, investors, and industry partners will be able to access and share best practices, innovative products, and services for sustainable mobility, as well as innovation pilots addressing the most significant challenges in urban mobility faced by global cities.

Link to the mobility products: https://marketplace.eiturbanmobility.eu/products/

Link to the insights (latest mobility topics & trends): https://marketplace.eiturbanmobility.eu/insights/

Link to the best practices: https://marketplace.eiturbanmobility.eu/best-practices/

Link to the market opportunities: https://marketplace.eiturbanmobility.eu/opportunities