Monitor regional post-lockdown recovery with EC & European Space Agency's RACE tool

Together the European Commission and the European Space Agency have today launched a new platform to monitor the green and sustainable recovery following the coronavirus crisis. The Rapid Action Coronavirus Earth observation tool, known as RACE, will use Earth observation satellite data to measure the impacts of the lockdown and to track post-lockdown recovery at local, regional and global scales. 

The tool will monitor key environmental parameters, economic and human activities and agricultural productivity. This platform will combine data from the Copernicus Sentinels satellites, owned by the EU, and make use of new digital tools including AI and data analytics. 

Anyone can use the tool to see how countries' and regions' indicators have changed. The indicators include water and air quality as well as 30 economic indicators. The indicators are assessed in comparison with the baseline. 

Explore how your region is changing post-lockdown by using the tool here