Ongoing HORSE & ReconCell Open Calls

Date: 11/01/2018

HORSE and Reconcell have launched their Open Calls. At the I4MS website you will find all the information needed to apply: call details, guide for applicants, proposal template, and other additional details.

HORSE aims to bring a leap forward in the manufacturing industry proposing a new flexible model of smart factory involving collaboration of humans, robots, AGV's and machinery to realize industrial tasks in an efficient manner. The main strategy builds on existing technology and research results in robotics and smart factories and integrates them in a coherent and flexible software framework. The HORSE framework is driven by and validated with end-users - manufacturing companies- in two steps: in the first, the framework was jointly developed together with the selected end-users (Pilot Experiments); in the second, its suitability and transferability to further applications will be validated with new end-users recruited via this Open Call.

The ReconCell project aims at designing and implementing a new kind of autonomous robot workcell, which will be attractive not only for large production lines but also for few-of- a-kind production, which often takes place in SMEs. The ReconCell project proposes to develop a flexible robotic workcell that will allow very short, self-adaptable and affordable changeovers under the conditions demanded and based on end-user needs. This will be achieved with the minimum use of additional resources over the system's lifetime.

Deadline for HORSE calls are February 28, and for Reconcell the deadline is March 1. 

In addition, two Webinars will take place on January 17 and February 7. You can register for the HORSE webinar here, and for the Reconcell here