Open Call from the Social Challenges Innovation Platform

Audience: Public
Date: 05/10/2017

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External Link: Visit Website is calling for scalable solutions able to meet social and environmental challenges. A grant and a mentoring programme is offered.

A project funded by Horizon 2020, Social Challenges Innovation Platform is a European online ecosystem encouraging the interaction between social innovators and SMEs for the co-development and take up of sustainable and marketable innovations with a clear social impact. Do not confuse "social challenges" with the "societal challenges" adressed by the programme Horizon 2020. 

The platform aims to be a social innovation marketplace, where Public Authorities, Private Companies or Third Sector Organizations can post and give visibility to social and environmental challenges they want to solve. At the same time, social innovators and entrepreneurs from across Europe are invited to propose innovative solutions.

The social challenges can address the issues of refugees/migrations, environment and food, energy, ageing, employment and skills, smart cities and mobility, education, gender and social inclusion, health and disabilities… will disburse its grant fund of €2.400.000 through an open call for proposals. For a selection of 81 solution providers, offers each of them a 30.000€ grant and a light mentoring scheme. This is an example of cascading grant scheme from a Horizon 2020 project itself offering grants.

While the Call process targets both

  • SMEs, Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs (The Solution Providers) and
  • Public Authorities, Private sector and third sector (The Challenge Owners), 

only Solution Providers are eligible for call funding.
Each Challenge that will receive at least 3 solutions is eligible to get financed solutions.

Eligible activities under grants comprise the design, development, testing, deployment and market uptake of the proposed solution in collaboration with the Challenge Owner and relevant stakeholders (where and when needed).

The 1st cut-off date goes from September 21st 2017 to December 21st 2017. Applications must be submitted in English.

More information about the call in the guide for applicants and on the website