RESponsible Island prize – apply now!

The RESponsible Island prize is an initiative of the European Commission that recognizes realised projects on geographic energy islands. This prize will reward achievements in local renewable energy production for electricity, heating, cooling and transport on islands. Criteria of the competition: - the share of renewable energy produced by innovative energy technologies - environmental and socioeconomic sustainability and impact - citizen and community involvement - replicability of the solution The prize should inspire other islands and off-grid communities to show how small local communities can make the transition to sustainable energy systems.   Who can apply: The contest is open to islands located within the territory of an EU country including overseas countries and territories or countries associated to Horizon 2020. It is open to any legal entity or group of legal entities representing the respective island.   How to apply: Participants can apply for the contest online. You can find full details in the following documents. rules of contest application guide Horizon 2020 work programme 2018 - 2020 Time for applications: until 26th September 2019. For more information please see the website: europa.eu/!JX44qn or email EC-RESponsible-island-prize@ec.europa.eu.