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Scoping regional interests to join & co-fund the Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) Partnership

As part of the preparation of the Horizon Europe programme, several European partnerships are under development. ERRIN has been actively involved in the shaping of the European Partnership on Driving Urban Transitions Towards a Sustainable Future. The aim of the partnership is to address the complex set of urban challenges, which cities and urban communities are facing today, with an integrated approach to offer decision makers in municipalities, companies and society the means to act and enable the necessary urban transformations.

As well as participating in the shaping of this partnership, ERRIN has been invited to play an active role within it. As the DUT partnership will take an integrated and place-based approach to local challenges, ERRIN sees it as an important tool for European regions to contribute to the EU’s green transition. Read more about ERRIN's involvement, including the setting up of a task force to explore the role of regions in co-funded European Partnerships, like DUT, here

In order to help identify opportunities to involve regions in the partnership, a survey is now open for ERRIN members to signal regional interests and priorities, as well as to indicate thematic priorities.

Complete the survey below or by clicking here.