Smart sector integration

Smart sector integration strategy for a European energy system

Europe has made progress in the decarbonisation of its electricity production, but there is more to do in regard to other energy forms if the goals of the European Green Deal are to be met. As a result, the European Commission plans to better link up the European energy system to exploit consequential synergies. 

As part of this strategy towards an integrated energy system, there is the possibility of increasing the electrification of sectors still reliant on fossil fuels. The fuels and gases can also be replaced by decarbonised gases and fuels, such as hydrogen. The energy sector will also be able to become more circular, increasing the energy system's efficiency, not just reducing consumption. 

The Commission will present a strategy for smart sector integration for a future integrated European energy system by June 2020. In anticipation of this, the Commission is seeking input from all stakeholders and EU citizens. 

There are several ways to contribute:

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