Startup Europe Regions Network: open survey on measures to support statups at regional level

SERN (Startup Europe - Regions Network) was officially launched by the European Commission in October 2015. Since then, SERN has been set up as a non for profit organisation with a strong commitment to support startups and its activities, in particular by focussing on the mapping and promotion of support activities at regional level across Europe and by mobilizing regional resources to address relevant barriers to startups’ growth, such as harmonization of regulations, access to talent and to major research infrastructures. SERN aims at providing an annual overview and gauging of the measures taken by the regions to foster startup growth, highlighting best practices and showing cases studies. With this aim Regions are called to reply to an online survey being carried out by SERN. The questionnaire has been prepared to identify measures launched in regions contributing to create a favorable startup ecosystem, and focuses especially on the following areas: Removing administrative barriers. e.g. one stop shop for startups, or supporting a startup association, any measure for making it easier for startups to have a second chance etc. Improving innovation support. e.g. using structural funds for research of results exploitation seminars. Creating better opportunities for partnership, commercial opportunities and skills. e.g. support for annual regional startup event etc. Easing access to finance. e.g. launch of an equity instrument (VC) aimed at improving access to funding for startups; Incentives for business angels and/or business angels networks; support for accelerators, etc. Further information on SERN can be found on