Sustainable tourism during the Green Week 2018

Date: 27/02/2018

During Green Week 2018 a session will be dedicated to sustainable tourism on 23/05. This session will demonstrate the contribution and added value of the tourism sector to Circular Economy and the priorities outlined under the New Industrial Policy Strategy adopted in September 2017.

The discussion will address some of the key sustainability challenges of the European tourism sector and will present innovative initiatives or measures implemented by the destinations/cities and the industry to minimise tourism impact on the environment. How to ensure the right conditions for an equitable development of EU cities and regions, in respect of needs of local communities, what are the best practices and lessons-learnt, which are the challenges for the future for policy makers and the industry, are some of the questions that will be tackled. 

The aim is to:

  • show and discuss how the tourism sector contributes to circular economy
  • showcase good practices/environmentally friendly measures which could incentivise  cities
  • present some innovative initiatives by public authorities or the tourism industry

The Tourism WG is investigating the possibility to nominate an ERRIN region as a case study to this session. If you are interested, please send your innovation-focussed proposal to before 28/02.