Two ERRIN regions presented their innovative sustainable battery solutions on the Autumn 2018 issue of the European Energy Innovation e-magazine!

Date: 17/09/2018
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Clean energy transition, with increasing use of renewable energy and electrification of the energy system, has placed energy storage as a key challenge for the coming years.  Traditional storage and battery technologies are developing fast. However, there are many environmental, social, and economic reasons for adopting new and alternative technologies to the current energy storage approaches and products such as resource dependency, pollution, and social challenges. 

European regions have a significant role to play in developing innovative solutions, creating new value chains, and opening up markets for sustainable energy storage solutions. For example, Thuringia (DE) and Friesland (NL) have developed two innovative, sustainable, and stationary energy storage technologies. Their battery solutions are not based on conventional lithium-ion technology, nor use scarce raw materials.

Read the full article that ERRIN Director Pirita Lindholm wrote together with Professor Schubert (CEEC Jena) and Jan Post (Aquabattery) for Energy Innovation Magazine and learn more about these technologies from the two ERRIN regions and how they could help Europe take a leading role in sustainable energy innovations.

On the same topic, we also organised a side event during the European Sustainable Energy Week 2018. The aim of the event was to raise awareness of innovations different from mainstream developments and to show that those innovative solutions developed in the regions could contribute to European efforts in clean energy transition. Did you miss it? Have a look at the presentations.