Positive coronavirus test

Helsinki University researchers assist the development of COVID-19 antibody test

  • Hilary Webb
  • 25/03/2020

Researchers at the University of Helsinki, an ERRIN member through the Helsinki EU office, have been working in collaboration with American scientists to develop an antibody test for the novel coronavirus.

The test will indicate who has already had COVID-19 by detecting antibodies in blood samples, present after a person's immune system fights the virus. 

Docent in Virology at the University of Helsinki, Jussi Hepojoki, said it was safe to assume that there is a likely 1-3 year immunity against the virus after a person has it, based on similar cornaviruses. 

The antibody test will also help researchers to track aand trace the spread of the virus by indicating members of the population who had the virus without symptoms. 

According to NewsNowFinland, Hepojoki does not forsee a long process of trials before the test can be put to use and expects to see it being used locally in Finland soon. Read more here