University of Cyprus creates digital platform to track COVID-19 cases

Researchers at the KIOS Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence at the University of Cyprus, have produced a digital tool in the island's fight against coronavirus. The emergency COVID-19 management system was produced by the KIOS centre in collaboration with the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital and Digital Policy, as well as the Ministry of Health. 

The system has allowed for optimal management of this unprecedented situation. It is a comprehensive computerised system that manages and coordinates activities related to suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19. It has greatly reduced the time it takes to assess and act upon all cases on the island.

It is the country's singular collection of all reports of COVID-19, which allows for contact tracing after a person is thought to have been infected. Patients are also updated on their test results by SMS through the system. 

Read more about the initiative (in Greek) here.