Digital health solutions to protect older people in the pandemic

Three digital health initiatives have emerged from the Autonomous Province of Trento - Trentino in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. 

TreCovid19 is an Android and Apple app developed by mHealth hub to meet the urgent need for certified information related to COVID-19. The app offers the people of Trentino emergency contact numbers, behaviour tutorials and communications from provincial governance and healthcare trusts. The app also has a chatbot where patients can communicate their symptoms, which are communicated with healthcare professionals, allowing for the remote monitoring of patients. 

The web app Vicino@te (meaning 'next to you' in Italian) allows relatives of hospitalised patients to receive personal news and information. It is a medical bulletin service that connects families with their relatives in this time of crisis. 

Chat Coronavirus is a service developed by APSS in collaboration with, which helps people to learn how to repsond to suspicious symptoms. The chatbot has been developed in accordance with the Italian Ministry of Health's guidelines.