Mobile app to prevent spread of COVID-19

The RISE Centre of Excellence has developed a mobile app to help limit the spread of coronavirus in Cyprus. RISE collaborated with the Deputy Ministry for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy to develop the app covTRACER and to encourage the widespread usage of it. 

The app focusses on contact tracing, which has been highlighted as a key way to combat the spread of COVID-19. The app uses GPS information to track a person's movements during the course of a day, which is then called upon if a person is then identified as having a confirmed case of the new coronavirus. So far, the app has been designed for those whose work requires movement, such as the police, doctors and nurses. 

The data is collected voluntarily and the information is only shared if an individual chooses to do so. The RISE team is working with doctors and the government to produce the next iteration of the app, which will see improvements to functionality and effectiveness.