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Measures adopted by the Catalan Government to face pandemic

The Government of Catalonia has adopted a series of measures since the COVID-19 crisis began. It has now published a report on the measures, which demonstrate the attempts to reduce the effect of the crisis on health, the economy, and social factors. 

The report details the efforts of each department. The Department of Health, for example, launched the Stop COVID-19 mobile app, which looks to control and detect new coronavirus cases in the region. It has also released a website that acts as a real-time data centre.

Meanwhile, the Department of Digital Policy and Public Administration has bolstered digital infrastructure in the region to help Internet uses maintain access, as well as implementing new cybersecurity measures in light of the increase of cyber-fraud and cyber-crimes during the COVID-19 emergency.

Read more about these and other interventions made by the Government of Catalonia during the coronavirus crisis in the attached document.