Invest Northern Ireland

Invest Northern Ireland produce resources to mitigate impact of COVID-19

Invest Northern Ireland has produced a series of guidelines and webinars to help businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic to mitigate its negative impacts. The web page is organised to assist companies with their unique responses to the crisis, with guidance organised into four categories: respond, recover, rebuild and resources. 

The 'Respond' section includes financial support measures, while the 'Recover' section encourages businesses to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 with R&D, and connects businesses with global resources and ICT solutions. 'Rebuild' includes ecouragement to seek support from external networks and academia in the search for practical solutions for returning from tight lockdown measures. The 'Resources' section includes Invest Northern Ireland's COVID-19 response webinar series, which are available to watch after they take place.

To learn more about Invest Northern Ireland's response, click here.