Designing healthy and inclusive cities

Call title:
Visionary and integrated solutions to improve well-being and health in cities
Types of partners sought
Eindhoven is looking to join, or to establish a consortium of poartners consisting of: - 2-3 additional demonstration areas in city centres in European cities. - knowledge partners that van deliver expertise and systems on/for monitoring well being and health of citizens - private partners that can deliver innbovative solutions in the area as outlines in the call

The city of Eindhoven has agreed a long term strategic approach for the redevelopment of its city centre. This strategy aims to create a city centre that is:

  • Accessible for all
  • Offers a high quality of public space, both in terms of health and in terms of economically viable and vibrant
  • Is inclusive and offers the public space for all groups in society
  • Is sustainable and environmentally sound, limiting pollution of soil, air and noise
  • Is innovative

These ambitions fit perfectly with the objectives of the current call on health and wellbeing in cities. Therefore, Eindhoven is looking for:

  • Already active consortia on this call which may be looking for additional living labs and which would consider Eindhoven and local partners as an interesting addition to their consortium.

Interested partners of the types described in this partner search, that are interested in joining us and develop a consortium for this call.

Working group:
Smart Cities
Deadline of the call:
Financial aspects:
We are looking for a consortium with 3 demonstration sites and an average invastment potential per site of €2,5 mln.