MG-2-8-2019 - 'Drone technologies to improve safety in ports

Call title:
Innovative applications of drones for ensuring safety in transport
Types of partners sought
To complete the consortium, the project leader is looking for private or public companies operating ports.

A French engineering company with high expertise in drone systems is developing a proposal for the H2020 topic MG-2-8-2019.

The project is aimed at developing new drone technologies to increase safety, security and efficiency of maritime transport.

To complete the consortium, operating companies active in ports are sought to implement use cases within the project.

The drone market is the fastest growing in aerospace, enabling innovative services for the public and the private sector, small and big companies. Increasing the services provided by drones can contribute to underpin safety and security in transport.

The French company's proposal will:

  • Develop and test technologies, operational and business models for the application of drones to increase safety, security, public acceptance and efficiency of transport, including search and rescue applications,

  • Explore and develop innovative technologies and sustainable business models for pilot services.

The proposal focuses on water transport and includes several use-cases which could be deployed in Europe. They will also demonstrate how the planned services will support and speed up regulatory adaptation, certification and standards validation.

Finally, the actions planned in the proposal will improve synergies with EGNOS, Galileo and Copernicus.

Working group:
Blue GrowthTransport
Deadline of the call: