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Types of partners sought
Type · Sports associations/clubs · Research entities (applied science or universities) o Social inclusion and integration across generational gaps o Citizenship and volunteering across different age groups · Local/regional authorities with eldercare & health mandate · Local/regional authorities with strong focus and actions within sport & volunteering Open to all nationalities eligible within ERASMUS+


(Preliminary) Title of the project

Sport for all

Outline of the project idea


Main Actions / Main Outputs


Despite the growing importance attached to the promotion of physical activity in EU Member States, an earlier Eurobarometer survey in 2009 identified “alarmingly high” rates of physical inactivity in the EU. Since then, the proportion of Europeans that never exercise or play sport has increased even further, from 39% in 2009 to 42% in 2013 and 46% in 2017.


A new EU Work Plan for Sport came into force in July 2017. One of the key topics prioritized up to 2020 is sport and society, focusing on social inclusion, environment, health and education among other things.


As a sports club AAB engages volunteers of all ages and children / young people primarily in the age groups 5-19 years old, for some leading to a professional football career. 

AAB has a large proportion of players coming from one of the more challenged neighborhoods of Aalborg and from diverse cultural backgrounds, some facing difficulties at home and in school. During recent years the number of volunteers has stagnated, and they are becoming younger and less experienced.

AAB also have sections for senior citizens and are among the most successful in Denmark in engaging the elderly into sport, however it is still only 1 % of the total group of elderly in the region, who are members of a sporting association.



In the near future AAB will build new facilities on the main location. With the need for renovations and new buildings, the AAB management entered discussions with the local municipality on a new vision for sport, health and social inclusion.

It is envisioned to build with a new cross-generational perspective. The new sports clubhouse will be built with integrated apartments for senior citizens, currently 70 homes are in the plans, but the potential is higher.


The objective is to establish a new approach providing incentives for physical activity and promoting social inclusion across cultures and age groups.


Main actions:

The project aims to engage with partners who can provide/collaborate to build new knowledge, based on research or best practice, on the following key points;


·         Promoting social inclusion and integration

o   Across cultures and generations

o   Helping challenged youth through engagement with senior citizens

o   Fighting loneliness and improving mental and physical health especially among the elderly

·         Engaging volunteers

o   Providing relevant skills for volunteers

o   Providing an interesting volunteering experience through a holistic community approach

o   Building relevant skill-sets for the future

·         Providing business cases for the integration of sport, integration actions and eldercare

o   Working across entities with a holistic view on wellbeing through sports



Main outputs could be:

·         A competence kit for volunteers including tools for working across generations and cultures

·         An action plan with tested methods for engaging senior citizens in sports

·         The research argument providing a business case for closer cooperation in the identified fields across sports actors and local authorities

·         Providing evidence of the benefits for young socially challenged youth to engage with elder citizens

·         Business plans for engaging investors to support the overall vision


Programme and call

ERASMUS+ SPORT – call closing on 4th of April 2019

Lead organisation


Partners already involved


In discussion with sport Partners from EMCA (

AAB sports club

Aalborg Municipality

Aalborg University (TBC)

Describe the kind of partners you are looking for and their expected role in the project



·         Sports associations/clubs

·         Research entities (applied science or universities)

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Financial aspects:
Up till 400,000 EUR