Partner search for FTI proposal - Producers of large poultry

  • Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha
  • 09/08/2018
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About the SonoSteam FTI Project on duck and turkey SonoSteam has developed the first steam-based commercial decontamination system for broilers. This system has shown to be a success with up to 5 full running installations at slaughterhouses and more than 500 million birds processed. The system has been shown to significantly reduce levels of Campylobacter and is actively contributing to reach the FSA targets for reducing highly contaminated chickens in UK and significantly reducing illnesses with Campylobacter infections. Based on the knowledge on broilers, we are a step forward in producing full scale application for ducks and turkeys. However, a number of challenges and the difference in these products, as appose to broilers, needs to be addressed (size of birds, meat quality, microbial challenge, differences in slaughtering time and conditions). This would require new insight and knowledge as well as know-how in the fields of acoustics and ultrasound, chamber construction and design, steam flow and CFD simulations, organoleptic evaluations and microbial reduction validations. This project is therefore highly considered as a close-to- market innovation with great potential for success. Partnering with SonoSteam, FOrce technology -  What’s in it for me? 88% of all work is paid by the FTI program.

You get a full-scale poultry decontamination equipment for only 12% of the price      Getting priority access to home market for better and safer products Better and safer food product Avoiding food scandals Being up front with food safety solutions Getting firsthand approval from food safety authorities Being prepared and a step ahead of upcoming future food safety regulations for duck and turkey Getting marketing recognition for being the first producer to install a system for duck or turkey.    ​

What kind of work and how much work am I going to be involved in? We will include you in our designs and installation options to have your opinions (30% work) and we would like to visit your plant to evaluate the options for installing a full-scale application. Initially, the full-scale application is going to be installed at our facilities and we might want you to come and participate in a small trial (all expenses paid) for evaluating the treated product (5-10% work). In the second phase, the full-scale application will be installed at your production site for evaluating freshly slaughtered broilers treated in an offline application (55-60% work). If all aspects are showing promising results, the last phase will include a full-scale installation directly at your factory as the first intervention for fighting pathogens on duck or turkey. Trials and validation for proof of concept (50% joined work).

For more information, please contact Peter Hofmann Holsøe: phho@force.dk Niels Krebs: nk@force.dk Hanieh Sadat Musavian: ham@force.dk

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