Project on 'Interactive technologies and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy – a home-based program (hCST) for people with dementia and their relatives' is seeking partners

  • Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha
  • 09/04/2019
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AAL Programme: Sustainable smart solutions for ageing well - small collaborative projects
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Call title:

AAL Programme: Sustainable smart solutions for ageing well - small collaborative projects

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Types of partners sought

We are searching for partners in the field of dementia and welfare technology. More specifically we are looking for partners in 2 other SCP countries who have the competencies to identify end users in their own country, to describe the need for this kind of solution and to explore and assess both market potential and define ways to access these markets.


People with dementia are living in their own home most of the course of the disease, and many do not participate in activities outside the home. This citizen group is growing, and there is a risk that individuals with dementia will experience isolation, passiveness and less social participation in everyday activities.International evidence show that the group variant of CST affects the cognition and life quality of participants with dementia positively. This has also been confirmed in Danish studies. Our thesis is that CST can have similar effects on cognition and life quality of participants when performed at home with new innovative digital support.

The homebased cognitive stimulation therapy-programme (hCST programme) aims to enable the person with dementia to be actively involved in cognitive stimulating sessions, and to empower the relatives to implement an appreciative approach that will promote a meaningful everyday life at home. The design will take specific constructions of social interaction between participants with dementia and their relatives into account. Until now, small pilot user testing of the first but still premature hCST sessions show very positive results.

The project will be an iterative process were all involved partners, including people with dementia and their relatives, will be involved in the development of a hCST programme supported by technology. The project will involve the development and testing of 14 sessions with different cognitive stimulating activities related to the theme of the session. Each of the activities is supported by interactive technology and a digital coach.

Deadline of the call:


Duration of Project
September 2019 - May 2020
Partners Involved
MedTech Innovation Consortium (MTIC), VIA University College, Syddjurs Municipality
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