The role of technology transfer between universities and ent

Call title:
erasmus plus
Types of partners sought
For the project we are looking for: universities which have a faculty of management and should be interested to establish / optimize their technology transfer structures and processes. The university should be able to provide capacities for developing e-learning programmes, seminars or instruction videos. Furthermore it would be helpful if the university could contact a company for a participation within the project.

The role of technology transfer between universities and enterprises for the competitiveness of both TeTraCom

The project will deal with the issue of Technology Transfer between universities and enterprises.

“Technology transfer” is realized by:

  • Consultance (experts from the university provides expertise)
  • Joint Research and development projects
  • Further education – provided by universities
  • Laboratory use
  • personnel transfer (students / graduates from the university into enterprises)

The motivation of a company to cooperate with a university is :

  • To attract qualified employees
  • Approach to current knowledge such as
  • As partner for joint R&D with a benefit for the enterprises

The motivation of a university, to cooperate with a company :

  • Increase of practical relevance by evaluation / feedback by an enterprise
  • Increase of attractiveness of the university for students
  • Opportunity to generate research assignment

The objective of the project is the strengthening of cooperation between universities and enterprises as a strategic factor for the competitiveness of both.

Technology transfer structures and processes still need to be established in many regions of the EU. The project aims to inform about the aspects of technology transfer and will give the opportunity to orientate on best practice.

Both, universities and enterprises will benefit from the project.

Subject of the project:

  • Analysis of the demand at universities (what do universities expect from enterprises / what expect enterprises from universities?)
  • Development of tools for strengthening transfer activities between universities and enterprises
  • Dissemination of results across Europe


  • Development of an e-learning programme „how to design and manage technology transfer between enterprises and universities” for students (business management)
  • Development of a seminar series: „How to manage an R&D partnership?”

Intellectual property rights, project calculation, project management, …)

Target audience: professors & scientists à to strengthen their entrepreneurial thinking

Manager & Workforce à to strengthen their innovative thinking

  • Development of a „Best practice” catalogue: “How to design transfer processes between universities and enterprises?“

Target audience: universities & enterprises à for dissemination and orientation

  • Development of instructional videos for universities and enterprises: “How to explain the exchange processes between universities and enterprises? Build up a smart Win/Win cooperation!”
  • Dissemination of results across Europe


The participating universities are responsible for the development of:

  • e-learning programmes,
  • Seminar series
  • Best practice – catalogue
  • Instructional Videos

Role of the participating enterprises:

  • Participation in the definition of demands of enterprises,
  • Participation in the development of the e-learning programme, seminar series,

Best practice - catalogue and instructional videos

During the project a network will be created as a platform technology transfer processes knowledgement between universities and enterprises to dissemination across Europe. 

This network will be the fundament for follow up projects and initiatives. It will carry out an yearly international symposium on technology transfer issues.

Duration of the project: 3 Jahre


  • 4 european universities / at least 3 universities
  • 3 enterprises

The calculation will be made after the elaboration of a project plan / definition and distribution of tasks.

Deadline of the call:
Financial aspects:
after definition of WPs