Partner Searches

Partner Searches

If you are looking for a partner for an EU-funded project, post your partner search here. The partner searches are automatically ordered by the date they were posted, though it is possible to use the filters to order them by the call or expression of interest deadlines. It is also possible to use the tool below to filter the partner searches by funding programme, location, desired partner, associated working group or keyword.

  • By Kalina Mihaylova

COSME Clusters Go International: African electrical engineering market

The MEDEE cluster from Northern France is looking for European clusters to build a collaborative answer to the Call for Proposals “Cluster Go International” to be published in Q4 2020.

  • By Anonymous

Erasmus+ project on diversification in digital education for primary schools

VIVES University of Applied Sciences are looking for partners for Erasmus+ project on diversification in digital education for primary schools.

  • By Honorine Schwarz

Open Tourism Lab (Occitanie) is searching for partners for COSME call

Open Tourisme Lab is a BtoB Open Innovation & design platform specialised in tourism. Our core business is to stimulate innovation uptake in tourism sector.

  • By Hilary Webb

Cross-generational equality and wellbeing of Turkish families in Europe

This proposal will look at the equality and wellbeing of three generations of Turkish families including data on those who migrated to Western Europe and those who stayed in Turkey.

  • By Barbara Zamboni

Develop a broader cooperative digital platform for the energy community LC-SC3-EC-1-2018-2019-2020

Trentino Federation of Cooperation is looking for a non-profit organization or Research and Technological Centre or University to participate to the call “The role of consumers in changing the market through informed decision and collective actions ID: LC-SC3-EC-1-2018-2019-2020" in order to develop two/three pilot projects about the foundation of an energy community.

  • By Lars Ola Nilsson

MSCA-IF: Halmstad University Sweden - Chronic inflammatory diseases and exercise

The School of Business, Engineering and Science at Halmstad University invites one or several experienced researchers (has a Ph.D.) of any nationality to develop a collaborative MSCA Individual Fellowship application within the European Commission’s H2020 program. Applicants may not have resided, worked, or studied in Sweden for more than 12 months in the 3 years prior to the call deadline.