ERRIN priorities 2022

Following the yearly planning process of ERRIN’s Working Groups, the priority workstreams for the next two years are currently being discussed by the ERRIN Management Board. The priorities will be both target driven and dynamic - providing direction but also adaptable for changes.

In 2021 the priority workstreams were the following:

• Take full advantage of the new programmes, instruments and opportunities for regions and their ecosystems during the new financial period.

• Continue to be actively engaged in green recovery and seek further coordination between different governance levels and funding priorities.

• Utilise the opportunities provided by Horizon Europe and continue to shape the new programme elements  - Missions, European Innovation ecosystems (EIE) action.

• Set up a dedicated taskforce to tap into the underutilised R&I potentials.

ERRIN workstreams

ERRIN Working Groups Clusters

ERRIN currently has 13 Working Groups (WGs). The WGs are based on members’ priorities and on the current funding landscape. To utilise the existing and upcoming EU opportunities, the Working Groups are grouped in clusters that reflect, as much as possible, the way clusters are structured in the Horizon Europe programme. 

Before developing the Annual Plans for each of the Working Groups, key priorities are being defined, looking at the strategic issues on the EU R&I agenda, as well as programmes and cross-cutting topics. Synergies with ERRIN projects are also explored.


Overview of Working Groups priorities 2022

View the presentation including an overview of the Working Groups' priorities for 2022.

Working Groups Annual Plans 2022