Latest Project Opportunities

  • By David Gaeckle

Searching for project partners participating in EU-call CE-FNR-17-2020

This call requires a project consortium of different cities or clusters of cities considering a geographical spread around Europe. Based on this requirement we are looking for further project partners who are willing to establish a European network of bio-based cities with innovative biowaste/waste water treatment technologies or comparable approaches. During our current research about potential partners and cities we figured out increasing efforts in sustainable handling of human waste matter.

  • By Stefanie Ubrig

Expression of interest to join a consortium for 'Developing the next generation of renewable energy technologies' call

Dr Markku Lehtonen holds a PhD in ecological economics (2005) and is currently working as an EU Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona.

  • By Gaia Ialisa Marotta

Erasmus+ Project in a field of : veterinary sciences, environmental sciences

The overarching goal of UPWr is to build an international, effective consortium acting as a Partner within the international research and educational programs for conducting cutting-edge scientific and educational activities in the area of veterinary sciences, food science and technology and environmental sciences.

  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek

Informal meeting to discuss the EIT KICs

The purpose of the meeting is to bring together all ERRIN members interested in applying for the KIC and give an opportunity to learn from the experiences of Brainport Eindhoven application for Urban Mobility KIC.

  • By Pontus Fransson

Partner search: Erasmus+ KA2 support for Strategic Partnerships

The challenges identified based on the project's problem analysis are that the structures for guidance within the schools are today neither equal between schools, gender equal nor long-term sustainable. Hence, the collaboration between school and working life must be improved and strengthened strategically and operationally at the same time. Especially, roles and responsibilities needs to be clearer.  

  • By Andrea Nogova

SME/Company working in the field of BioChemTech, Healthcare, NanoMaterials

The consortium aims to develop a multifunctional antibacterial wound dressing that will be relevant for tissue regeneration of diabetic foot ulcers. Our objective is the four-fold integration in a single wound dressing of potent antibacterial, wound exudate and malodour secretions absorbing and regenerative actions.