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  • By Angèle LIAIGRE

Firm specialised in Nature Based Solutions - Horizon Europe (CL5)

Looking for a partner, preferably a private company, expert in Nature-based Solution (NbS) approaches: from the methodology to the implementation. The project will provide tools for users for the creation of inventories of supporting and provisioning services by intertidal soft-sediment ecosystems within, and beyond, Europe.

  • By Helga Aunemo

Search for partners: Housing policy and planning governance: new knowledge - sharing, methods and tools delivering the European New Bauhaus vision of  “beauty, sustainable, together”

Rogaland County Council in Norway is running a new project on housing policy and planning governance in the Stavanger region, South-Western Norway, and is now looking for European partners or established consortia who would be interested in project cooperation on topics related to housing policy and planning.

  • By Aija Konisevska Azadi

Looking for Primary school from France or Netherlands for Erasmus+ project on food culture

Spotlight on future food! Mini youth festival that combines knowledge, science, sustainability and taste. About the project The project aims to create awareness of pelagic fish specifically and the magical world of fishing in general. The project takes places on a local school over the course of a week with the first four days involving both practical and creative learning. Through a combination of workshops and relevant theories the participants will gain knowledge on how to catch and handle pelagic fish. After the first four intensive days, the final day will be a celebration with the local community where all young people from Thisted and the surrounding area will be invited, alongside our partner school from France. This day will be full of activities for everybody, including kitchen workshops, talks and much more. Prior to this ‘festival day’, all schools in the area will be offered learning materials specifically aimed at these activities, to ensure the best learning experience for everyone participating.

  • By Irene Palomino Antolín

Network for the Coordination, Research, Education, and Public Awareness of Added Sugar (Net4Sugar).

The project will investigate different phenomena behind the preference for sugar intake and aims to reduce sugar consumption. The project team strongly supports this grant application and its focus on reducing the added sugar consumption in tea or coffee among teenagers and adults through the delivery of evidence-based research data.

  • By Ewa Chomicz

Last minute partner search for Predictive Manager project - Manager of Industry 5.0. HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-26

The University of Lodz, Poland (UnL) is coordinating the Predictive Manager project proposal, under the HUMAN-01-26 topic. Due to a last-minute withdrawal of one of the consortium members, UnL is currently looking for a partner (research and development entity) who could lead the WP2 of the project: "Industry 5.0 – opportunities and challenges".

  • By Aija Konisevska Azadi

University College of Northern Denmark looking for Erasmus for Young Enterpreneurs consortium

UCN is searching for a consortium as partner within Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. The upcoming call will expand and strengthen the existing network of Intermediary Organisations (IOs) which act as local contact points in participating countries. The IOs are in charge of recruiting and matching the entrepreneurs and facilitating the mobility actions. They also promote the programme and its benefits at local and national level.