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Partner search for LIFE-call HEATPUMPS

The City of Ghent is searching for 6 European partners in 2 locations for the LIFE call HEATPUMPS. Since 2021, the City of Ghent has been running a heat pump demonstration project in the district of Mariakerke which aims to make the individual dwellings fossil-free.

  • By Helga Aunemo

Support for Resilience: Supporting resilience and mental wellbeing through the Support for Resilience toolbox for healthcare providers in primary and community care

There is a joint problem in EU’s primary and community care with: a) a lack of healthcare professionals, and b) a major mismatch of capacity and demands causing stress, burnout, uncertainty, and reduced mental health and wellbeing among healthcare workers, leaders, and informal care givers. This challenges the ability of resilient performance and quality in healthcare services, it challenges mental well-being of the health care providers, and increases the risk of patient harm.   This project integrates theories of resilient leadership, individual and organisational resilience in the development of an evidence-based toolbox aimed at primary and community care. The purpose is to support healthcare leaders, healthcare workers and informal caregivers with a capacity to create resilience and mental wellbeing in their work of caring for patients. The Support for Resilience toolbox is a set of highly adaptable supporting tools, aimed for use by healthcare leaders, healthcare workers and informal care givers in primary and community care in different times and spaces.

  • By Central Denmark EU office

SUSTAIN-3D (Supporting SME Transformation within 3D-printing)

We have identified a certain willingness of companies to invest in additive manufacturing machinery (3D Printers) and other technologies related to this. But the companies are not gaining the expected outcomes: Machines aren't utilized to the full potential and as production grade machines are expensive the companies are hesitant to invest in the machines they need and implementation on the production- and management floor is not optimal.  This problem is identified in local company networks and best illustrated by the average deployment of already installed machinery like metal 3D-printers of below 3%. This problem needs addressing as it has the potential to slow the digital transformation of production industry. 

  • By Aija Konisevska Azadi

Looking for schools, universities with a learning lab/VR learning lab for Erasmus+ KA 2 small-scale call

Danish cinematic VR experience production company is preparing to apply for Erasmus+ small scale funding and is looking for University/ school/ museum partners to develop learning materials on sustainability through VR experience - a roleplaying STEM game scenario. Hereby, students are motivated to enjoy the learning process instead of being bound and trapped. Results demonstrate an 100% increase in girl motivation for learning STEM subjects

  • By Gianpiero Petruzziello

City of Vilvoorde (Belgium) is looking for international partners for LIFE-project

City of Vilvoorde (Belgium) is looking for international partners to implement a project answering call LIFE-2022-CET-ENERPOV – ‘Addressing building related interventions in vulnerable districts’

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Search for Polish partners - microplastics COST proposal

Dr Daniel Hill, a research fellow at Aston University (Birmingham, UK) is preparing a COST proposal linked to microplastics for the 20 October deadline. He is looking for Polish companies representing the water sector who would be interested to cooperate in the frame of the project. Please express your interest by 5 September.