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  • By Astrid Hannes

Erasmus+ PDW 2022 Scope and outline

Please find here the documents for the Erasmus+ PDW 2022.

  • By Andreea Serban


AR and VR for storytelling in cultural heritage is a project idea of the Intermunicipal Community of the West, OESTECIM, which brings together 12 Portuguese municipalities in the West of Portugal - Significado is a Portuguese public sector support organization for consultancy and management of European projects. OESTECIM is interested in finding partners for augmented/virtual reality projects for built or ruined Cultural Heritage, which can be scanned in 3D. The digitization of Cultural Heritage gives us the virtual scenario where we will simulate, also in 3D or video/films with real actors and extras, either historical events that took place there, or the recreation of legends or other stories with a real basis, which will be integrated into a storytelling that attracts new audiences (local community, tourists, students, researchers, etc.). The attraction of new audiences will be done by digital means (website, social networks, etc.)

  • By Anna Grimault

Partner Search Creative Europe - Young Europeans in Utopia

The University of Angers is actively seeking for partners for a medium-scale cooperation Creative Europe project. The aim of this project is to involve young Europeans to create and co-produce new ideas of projected utopia. Through cultural and social diversity of historical or actual concrete utopias in Europe, the generation of new ideas will allow/induce new practices between young Europeans in term of cooperation, exchanges and experimentations. The productions will be valued in transnational immersive and inclusive digital supports, disseminated and promoted, in order to become cultural and creative levers to “make in another way”/ “make otherwise” and innovate in the Europe of tomorrow.

  • By Gianpiero Petruzziello

Join the RIPEET Community and foster the energy transition in your region

As part of the Horizon 2020 RIPEET project, ERRIN is building a community of passionate regional representatives committed to shaping the regional energy vision of the future. Selected applicants will have the opportunity to benefit from a peer-learning scheme to replicate the RIPEET methodology and foster the energy transition in their region.

  • By Angèle LIAIGRE

PARTNER SEARCH INTERREG EUROPE - Partner from the Northern Area on coastal resilience

The project focuses on the support to coastal resilience and adaptation to climate change at the regional level. To complete the consortium, the coordinator is looking for a partner region or local authority from the Northern area (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany), which has a coastal line and a competence in coastal management.


Consortium looking for a lead partner/applicant for a project tackling mobility services

Consortium formed of municipalities, airports and universities from Norway, Italy, Romania, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Albania, Slovakia is looking for a regional or local authority that has the capacity and experience to lead the project.