Culture for Cities and Regions

Culture is broadly recognized as a key element in strategies for urban and regional development. Cultural heritage is a key element of the image and identity of cities and regions and the main focus of city tourism. The presence and development of cultural and creative industries may constitute a main economic driver for the city and the region. And, very importantly, participation in arts and culture may enhance intercultural dialogue, support social cohesion and lead to social innovation. Therefore, investing in culture seems to be a wise decision for local and regional policymakers. How to invest, however, is a more complex issue. 

This €1 million project funded under the Creative Europe Programme (DG EAC) aims to take stock of existing practices all over Europe to exchange and promote the transfer of knowledge, to better understand successful cases of cultural investment, and to go into the details of policy planning and implementation. What can be learnt from their experience? Can this be transferred to other contexts?

Culture for Cities and Regions

In 3 years, the project:

  • produced a catalogue of 70 case studies

  • organised 15 thematic study visits

  • provided expert coaching for 10 cities/regions

About 150 cities and regions of all sizes have gained visibility at the European level and directly benefitted from the initiative through their active involvement in study visits and coaching activities.

The project was coordinated by EUROCITIES and implemented by KEA European Affairs and ERRIN. 

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Culture for Cities and Regions

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