What is inDemand?

inDemand is a new open innovation model where organisations with unmet needs and external companies jointly co-create solutions. To maximize chances of sustainable success, the companies also receive funding from regional development agencies, together with business support from market experts.

The inDemand model has 3 steps:
1. Need identification.
The challenger organisation (eg. a Hospital) identifies and selects a number of challenges proposed by the professionals working close to the problems. These challenges are handed over to the Funder.
2. Call for companies.
The Funder launches a call to identify the best company that can solve each challenge. It will leverage own funding (eg. regional structural funds) to economically support the development of the innovation.
3. Solution development and business support


With the inDemand model, healthcare professionals and tech companies work hand-in-hand to develop digital health solutions, receiving business advice and benefitting from the economic support of regional funds. The goal is to let healthcare innovation skyrocket!

Three Pilot Regions, namely Murcia (Spain), Oulu (Finland) and Ile-de-France (France), are testing the inDemand model via two iterations of the steps in a period of three years. In parallel, a methodology is being developed for further use. Indeed, if the 24 challenges identified are geared to the Digital Health sector, the model can be implemented in any other field.

These regions will openly disseminate their best practices and lessons learned. The first step towards the replication is the inDemand Community!


ERRIN takes care of the inDemand Community of Mirror Regions interested in replicating the model, using their own resources. 

Today, 12 European regions are following the inDemand methodology to identify the challenges of the healthcare sector, calling for digital health solutions and co-creating them together with the healthcare professionals as well as the companies. 

Do you want to join? There's still time!

Benefits of being part of the inDemand Community:

  • Improve the use of the regional funds for healthcare and/or digitalisation and foster innovation within your region.
  • Learn to implement a new co-creation and demand-driven model which ensures that the uptake of the solutions is successful as it serves an existing need.
  • Build capacity within the healthcare sector and create opportunities for private companies.
  • Receive tailored coaching and support by the Pilot Regions. 
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Watch: The inDemand project: demand-driven & co-creation in digital health

inDemand Team Members

Meet the inDemand Team Members from ERRIN

Anett Ruszanov

Anett Ruszanov

Projects Manager

Ilaria d'Auria
Ilaria d'Auria

Project & Outreach Manager

Gaia Marotta

Gaia Marotta

Project & Policy Officer

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Latest Updates

  • By Hilary Webb

Impact of coupled open innovation on company business models

The inDemand Project, of which ERRIN is a partner, has published a case study of demand-driven co-creation, exploring the impact of coupled open innovation on company business models. 

  • By Gaia Ialisa Marotta

Looking into the benefits of coupled open innovation for regional innovation ecosystems via the inDemand project

The last inDemand consortium meeting before the final event of the project took place in Murcia, Spain. It was a unique opportunity to discuss the results of the two iterations of the model in the 3 pilot regions (Murcia, Oulu and Paris). As ERRIN, we presented how 10 regions are replicating the model using their own resources.

  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

Join the inDemand Community Webinar!

The inDemand project is currently looking for Mirror Regions to replicate their innovative co-creation model in digital health care, and you can still apply until August 31.

  • By Anonymous

Co-creating Welfare Seminar

The Co-creating Welfare project was created to serve local welfare services like elderly homes, hospitals and schools, that want to work in a closer dialogue with citizens to co-create future welfare services.

  • By Anonymous

Bottom-up, demand driven co-creation for sustainable territorial development

During the European Week of Regions and Cities, the inDemand project is hosting a session built around the inDemand model, a new, innovative bottom-up, demand-lead model where health care organisations identify real needs and jointly with and companies co-create eHealth solutions, with economic support from regional funds. Registration is open here.  Code for registration: 11PS114.