What's Pilots4U?

Pilots4U sets out to map all existing open access pilot and demo-infrastructures across Europe, with the aim of creating one, very visible and easily accessible network for the European bio-economy.


The development of a thriving bio-economy is central in achieving a resource-efficient and sustainable economy, as well as a way of responding to increasing populations, depleting natural resources and global warming. One of the main challenges in the bio-economy innovation chain in Europe today is the step from technology to deployment, which in most cases require access to pilot- and demo plants. Pilot- and demo plants are, however, expensive industrial installations that most companies do not have direct access to. One solution is the ‘open access pilot- and multipurpose demo-infrastructures’, open to all companies and research institutes. Yet, there is a lack of awareness of the availability, type of facility and equipment modules these offer, which impedes actors from localising relevant facility. The aim of the Pilots4U project was to tackle these challenges and provide solutions that will support the development of innovations into products.

Project Team

Our staff members leading on the Pilots4U project.

Ryan Titley

Ryan Titley

Project Manager

Heidi Johansson

Heidi Johansson

Communication & Dissemination Manager

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  • By Agnieszka Wieczorek Jetha

Pilots4U Survey

Have you brought, or are you looking to bring a bio-based, biorefinery or biotechnology innovation process towards commercialisation? We need your input to improve equipment and service provision in this important area! Pilots4U is seeking your help in participating in a short survey designed to gather information about the type of equipment and services that organisations like yours require, or a

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Bioeconomy WG - Looking towards 2018

Thank you all for a good and productive WG meeting, with a lot of good inputs and ideas for the Bioeconomy WG in 2018.