Sparks was a European project designed to awaken citizens’ interest in Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) focusing on how technology shifts can affect our present and future healthcare.



A creative exhibition touring in 29 countries combined with hands-on activities (science cafés, science espressos, reverse science cafés and other participatory activities) allowed citizens but also other actors (from research institutes, to the industry, governments, etc.) to discover and experiment together a new way of doing research and innovation – with and for society.

Sparks built on innovative formats and methodologies implemented throughout the project to deliver a toolkit for science museums and centres willing to engage the public(s) in RRI.

The experience of the project was also fused into policy recommendations supporting the implementation of RRI processes at the EU, national and local levels.



Errin was responsible for the European policy recommendations that highlighted the necessity of introducing the following policy measures:

  1. Make resilient societies and sustainable development the ultimate goals of the long-term European strategy, to be implemented by the new Research and Innovation Framework programme as a financial instrument.
  2. Foster co-created Responsible Research and Innovation (co-RRI) in the European Research and Innovation Framework Programme and in all initiatives launched at European level.
  3. Define more broadly the desired impact of research and innovation
  4. Invest in capacity building of current societal actors & researchers and in education of the next generations to co-create research and innovation in a responsible way.

Sparks Team Members

Meet the Sparks Team Members from ERRIN

Anett Ruszanov

Anett Ruszanov

Projects Manager

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Learn more about the ETHNA system project

ERRIN is an associated partner in the ETHNA system project, which aims to develop and apply an ethics governance system for the use of RRI in higher education, funding and research centres. Learn more about the project in its second newsletter.

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Sparks Final Forum

On 4 May 2018, Sparks will hold its final forum in Brussels: we are proud to present the results and lessons learnt of this three-year pan-European collaboration. The event will bring together projects partners, DIY scientists featured in the Sparks’ exhibition, artists, academics, science communicators, policy makers and more to share knowledge and ideas on participatory practices in science. Thi