About the call

This year’s Erasmus+ Project Development Workshop (PDW) will be dedicated to global competences, based on four subthemes: skills for the Green Deal, digital skills, intercultural skills, and lifelong learning skills.

To be eligible for EU funding from the Erasmus+ programme, you must work together with European partners. These partners are not always easy to find, which is why we organise this project development workshop where you will develop a project proposal with international partners. We will also provide our participants with insights, tips and tricks, and other hands-on tools to optimise their application.

Are you interested in participating in this workshop? Are you eligible?


Do you have a clear project idea and does your organisation have the time and resources available to be project coordinator of an international Erasmus+ project?

Is your project idea linked to the global competences framework and one of the four subtopics? 

Is your idea innovative? An Erasmus+-project needs to have an innovative component. 

Do you have experience with EU funding? And are you prepared to lead a round table with interested international partners? 


Is the answer to all four questions yes? Then send us your Erasmus + (KA2, KA3) project idea by 24 August (23.59, Brussels time) by filling in the form below. Projects for higher education, school education, vocational education, and adult education are welcome. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact pdw@errin.eu


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Read the full call for project ideas

Please read the full call for project ideas before submitting your application below .