10th Edition of Murcia Food Brokerage Event 2021
17/05/2021 - 09:30

Murcia food brokerage event 2021

The 10th Edition of Murcia Food Brokerage Event 2021 will present the latest creations in the field of food technology, providing companies from different European countries with an excellent opportunity to hold bilateral meetings aimed at establishing technology cooperation agreements. 


10th International Symposium on Food Technology
A number of conferences and presentations will take place in which the latest creations in the sector are presented.


Hygienic design of facilities and food safety

  • Allergens
  • Authentication of food products, rapid control systems, etc.


  • Biosensors
  • New food products (prebiotic, functional, etc.)

Circular economy

  • Life cycle
  • Eco-design
  • Reuse of food by-products
  • Minimizing post-harvest losses
  • Other topics of interest to the food industry

Conservation technology. Active and intelligent packaging

  • Gases in supercritical condition
  • Active packaging and new containers, other.

Automation and control processes

  • Process monitoring, sensors, communication, robotics, etc.

Hydraulic technologies in the food sector

  • Reuse of food by-products 


Murcia FOOD Brokerage Event is a free event organized by the Regional Development Agency of the Region of Murcia (INFO). It is organized in the Enterprise Europe Network EEN SEIMED framework. Murcia Food Brokerage Event is organized in collaboration with the Technological Centre for the Food and Canning Industry CTC


  • The 9th edition was held in 2019
  • 411 companies from 16 countries participated in 730 bilateral meetings.
  • 525 technology offers and requests have been published


Participation is open to companies, universities, technology centers and research institutes from all over Europe with advanced or innovative food technology requests and offers.

To view the full event agenda and to registerhttps://murciafood2021.b2match.io/