Policy Working Group meeting on EU Missions

ERRIN has been closely following the development of the EU Missions these past months. To keep up with the latest R&I policy developments, we had the pleasure to organise a Policy WG meeting which took place on Thursday 14 October. This meeting gave an opportunity to get an update on the Missions following the official launch of the EU Missions on 29 September 2021.

Our guest speaker was Minna Wilkki (Head of Unit Common Missions & Partnerships service, DG R&I) who presented shortly the state of play of EU Missions, followed with an intense session of questions and answers.

This meeting followed our recent work on Horizon Europe Missions and is a good opportunity to get an overview of the missions just two weeks after their official launch. Together with the adoption of the five missions also a Communication on the European Missions was adopted proposing a comprehensive approach related to the missions.


Please find below the presentation delivered by Minna Wilkki during the meeting.