The role of DIH in supporting public authorities’ digital transformation – ICT Working Group meeting

The European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) initiative is part of the Digital Europe Programme. EDIHs function as one-stop shops for the public and private sectors alike, enabling them to respond to digital challenges in a more coherent way and increasing their competitiveness.  ERRIN ICT Group has been following the topic of DIHs, co-organising a dedicated policy dialogue in November 2018. Following this initial discussion, a second meeting on the topic of digitising European industry was organised in September 2019.  

This year, the ICT Working group tackled the question of the support Digital Innovation Hubs give to public authorities in their digital transformation journey. The event was organised on Tuesday 21 May 2024 (10:30 to 12:30 CEST). 

You will find the agenda on this page.

The meeting aimed at: 

  • Presenting the current state-of-play of the Digital Innovation Hubs support to public authorities  
  • Sharing key messages and challenges with key stakeholders from the European Commission to bring the question of Digital Innovation Hubs in the current discussion launched on the next Multiannual Financial Frameworkhe ICT Working Group will tackle the question of the

Regional examples were shared during the meeting, followed by an open discussion to exchange questions and reflections. The European Commission and DG CNECT Unit’s on DIHs also joined the event to present the latest policy development, funding opportunities and reacted to the example provided by ERRIN members. 

All presentation are now avaialble here.