Founded in 1985, it was the very first regional office in the European Union. In 1987 the so-called information office of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg became the Hanse-Office, a common institution of the Länder Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein to the European Union. The Land Niedersachsen also participated until the opening of its own office in 1990. Since then, the Hanse-Office has successfully defended the interests of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein in the framework of the EU. The fruitful co-operation between Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein is rather unique and sets an example of a lasting northern-German co-operation.

About Us

We offer our services not only to our regional governments and its administrations, but also to the business sector of our Länder, especially to the small and medium enterprises, to universities and other educational institutions, to Chambers and federations as well as to all other social institutions, groups or persons.
You are welcome to share our experience and take advantage of our possibilities. We are eager to become your guide through the institutions of the European Union.

Key Topics & Areas of Interest

One of our main tasks is informing at an early stage about up-to-date EU politics, legislative procedures and funding programmes. We therefore have a large network within the European Institutions at our disposal, especially within the Commission and the European Parliament. These excellent contacts allow us to let the interests of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein flow into the decision-making process at European level.

Moreover, we actively promote our Länder by presenting their cultural diversity through arrangements, meetings and cultural events in Brussels. And last, but not least, we regard it as our role to explain Europe and its decision making processes to the citizens of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein and inform them about the opportunities of the European integration.

We maintain neighbourly contacts with the other offices of the northern German Länder as well as with the regional offices of the whole Baltic Sea area. By defending common interests and co-ordinating our activities, we gain a strong position at European level and participate in the growing together of our regions.

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