UASNL is the Brussels office for a group of 14 Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences, with a strong focus on applied research in the European context. The 14 UAS aim to improve the profile and knowledge of applied research and to be more active in European innovation projects.

About Us

The UASNL EU office aims at improving the knowledge about applied research, therefore strengthening the profile of UAS and increasing the participation in European projects. Applied research contributes to a future-proof labour market and makes sure the UAS stay vital and innovative. The UASNL focus on one or more of the societal challenges that we deal with in The Netherlands, but also tackle global challenges. The UN SDG act as a strategic guideline from where specific research is being designed.

Key Topics & Areas of Interest

  • Health: care and vitality
  • Education and talent development
  • Sustainable society: in the neighbourhood, city and region
  • Smart technology and materials
  • Build environment: sustainable and liveable
  • Sustainable transport and intelligent logistics
  • Sustainable agriculture, water and food provision
  • Energy and energy supply
  • Art and creative industry
  • Responsible and innovative entrepreneurship. 

Latest Updates

  • By Eelko Steenhuis

Opening reception of the UASNL network in Brussels

A new ERRIN member, UASNL - Universities of Applied Sciences NL, is hosting an opening event to celebrate its arrival in Brussels.